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Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) continue to garner regulatory attention at the federal and state levels. One of the regulatory milestones set forth in the Biden EPA’s 2021 PFAS Strategic Roadmap was the finalization and implementation of a one-time reporting rule that the Agency had proposed in June 2021 under TSCA Section 8(a)(7). This rule will require manufacturers, including importers, of PFAS to provide EPA with certain information regarding their introduction of PFAS into commerce, as well as on the resulting exposure to and downstream uses of such PFAS. Although the public comment period on this rule has long since closed, we are only months away from the targeted date by which EPA has promised to publish the final regulation. Specifically, EPA must promulgate the final rule by January 1, 2023. Thereafter, subject businesses must submit the requisite information to EPA within six months following the effective date of the final rule.

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